COVID-19 Arrival Instructions and Prescreening

COVID-19 Arrival Instructions and Prescreening effective: 3/10/2021

Instructions Upon Arrival:

Please arrive 5 minutes before your/your child’s appointment.  When you arrive Text: 512-872-4718 please include the patient’s name. Remain in your car and our office will respond via text with instructions. If you do NOT receive a response within 5 minutes please call our main line: 512-345-0311.

Be aware, we have removed our office brushing area, please have the patient brush at home prior to their appointment.

Patient & (1) Family Member Prescreening Please Read:

In order to practice social distancing, we ask that only (1) family member join the patient in our clinic. Please review the following prescreening questions, a response of (YES or NO) is required for both the patient & (1) family member. If you have a positive response to any of the questions below it is important that you respond (YES). A deeper discussion with Dr. Buckman will be needed before proceeding with elective treatment. If your response is no to the questions below please respond (NO).

1. In the last 14-21 days have you had: fever, shortness of breath, cough or other flu-like symptoms?
2. Recent loss of taste or smell?
3. Any contact with a COVID-19 patient?
4. Any changes in health history: heart, lungs, diabetes or auto-immune?
5. Traveled in the last 14 days?