COVID-19 Prescreening and Information

Patient Prescreening Please Read:

Please review the following prescreening questions, a response of (YES or NO) is required before your appointment. If you have a positive response to any of the questions below it is important that you respond (YES). A deeper discussion with Dr. Buckman will be needed before proceeding with elective treatment. If your response is no to the questions below please respond (NO).

  1. In the last 14-21 days have you had: fever, shortness of breath, cough or other flu-like symptoms?
  2. Recent loss of taste or smell?
  3. Any contact with a COVID-19 patient?
  4. Any changes in health history: heart, lungs, diabetes or auto-immune?
  5. Traveled in the last 14 days?

Updated Procedures Please Read:

Be aware, we have removed our office brushing area, please have the patient brush at home prior to their appointment. Please arrive 5 minutes before your/your child’s appointment. Please park in the parking garage in our designated spaces. If our designated spaces are occupied please park in the open lot. When you arrive follow these instructions:

Text Our Office: 512-872-4718 please include the patient’s name along with your car’s make, model and color. A team member will come down to the parking lot and take the patient only up to the clinic or will respond via text for the patient only to come upstairs.

Children/Teen Patients: Once your child’s appointment is completed Dr. Buckman or a team member will escort them back to your car. Then, remain in your car and our scheduling specialist will call you to schedule your child’s next office visit.

Adult Patients: Once your appointment is completed, you will go back to your car and our scheduling specialist will call you to schedule your next office visit.